How to manage returns with Returns Center?

With  AfterShip Returns Center, you can manage returns and interact with your customers in this simple intuitive simple hassle-free way : 



Who What to do What will happen
1 Customers Visit Returns Center and create a return Both merchant and customer receive email notifications.
2 Merchants  In the return center app, update the return status from pending approval to Approved / Rejected

Approved: Customers receive Approved return notifications, with the instructions to ship the return items.
Rejected: Customers receive Rejected return notification, with the reject reason.

3 Customers Follow return instructions as per the applicable returns method for shipping. (Optional)Both merchant and customer can input the package tracking number. Both of them will receive email notifications when there is a tracking update.
4 Merchants  When package is received, update the return status to Shipment Received Customers receive Shipment received return notification and you will inspect and process the return.
5 Merchants  Once received, inspect the items and proceed to the applicable returns resolution method Customers receive an email from your store about the return resolution.
6 Merchants  When return procedure is completed successfully, update the return status to Resolved, send email to customers  Customers receive an email about the refund approval.
  • All notifications are triggered automatically upon the filing of return and change of return status. Notifications can be fully customized to meet your branding requirements and are sent from your own store email address.
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