Setup a custom domain for Returns Center Lite URL (using a CNAME)

Custom Domain

Use your own URL to display your Returns Center


An example URL with Custom Domain

We would use this URL as an example in the setup steps.


Step 1. Create a CNAME with your DNS provider

a. Login to your DNS provider, and create a CNAME

b. Enter a hostname or subdomain (For example returns )

c. Enter destination URL as


For GoDaddy, you can refer to this guide to add a CNAME at GoDaddy.


Step 2. Set Custom Domain in Returns Center app

Go to Returns Center app > Customization page, and enter the custom domain. For example

Click UPDATE button to save the changes.


Step 3. Wait for 24-72 hours and test

It can take up to 24-72 hours for your DNS provider to propagate the CNAME settings.

You can test your custom domain URL (e.g. in a browser, you should see your Returns Center once the CNAME is effective.


What's DNS provider?

In most cases, your DNS provider is where you registered your domain name. For example, Hover or GoDaddy.

If you bought a domain through Shopify, you can refer to this article.

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