How do I update my Shopify connection for Returns Center?

In order to use Returns Center, you have to connect your Shopify store using our latest Shopify Connector.


1. Check my Shopify connection

a. Visit your account profile, and go to Store Connections page.

b. If you see an alert icon ⚠ next to your Shopify connection, proceed to the next step to update your connection. If no alert is found, you are ready to use Returns Center with your Shopify store.


2. Remove existing Shopify connection

Remove your connection by clicking the Trash icon next to your Shopify connection.


3. Connect a new Shopify connection

a. In the Store Connections page, click New Connection button

b. Click Shopify connector in Apps page

c. Follow the screen instructions to create a new Shopify connection


Now that you have your Shopify store connected.

  • Returns Center - your Return Page is ready for Shopify order lookup
  • AfterShip - shipments are imported automatically from the connected Shopify store for tracking.


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