Customize Returns Resolutions

Give your customers options and build customer loyalty and trust. Convert returns to repurchases by providing one or more of the following refund options to your customers to choose from :

  • Refund to Original Payment Method
  • Refund to Store Credit
  • Exchange

 To enable the Returns solution :  

  • Sign in to your account, go to Returns Settings and select one or more return solutions under the field Resolutions. As per the specific business requirement, additional instructions can be added under each of the resolution methods.


The Workflow : 


  • Your customers will be prompted for the Return methods while filing the returns on your branded Returns page under the title “How can we resolve it”. 

    The optional instructions added in the previous step are displayed to your customers on the returns page.


  • The returns resolution selected by the customer for a return is reflected in the returns dashboard as shown below :



  • (Optional) To further streamline the return process, you may also edit the email templates of the respective return solutions namely Resolved (Exchange), Resolved (Refund to Original Payment), Resolved (Refund to Store Credit) as per the store's policy by clicking on the edit button under Customize email :

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