How to add routing rules?

Leverage on our automation tools to make the Returns process effortlessly smooth and well organized as per your exact business needs.

Automated routing rules (based on Returns Reasons , Product Type and Returns Resolutions)and zone rules (based on customer's country) for the return shipping method can be set up each with unique shipping instructions and description so as to :

  • Gain actionable business insights
  • Disincentivize returns with invalid reasons
  • Optimize business gains and charge restocking fee wherever applicable
  • Restrict the usage of auto label generation only for genuine returns
  • Facilitate in-store returns for local customers based on their address

1. To add a New Zone

Go to Returns methods, click on “New Zone” and specify the zone name and countries :

If no zone is added or if the customer’s country is not added in any defined zones, by default zone Rest of the World will be applicable for all returns with the default routing rule.

To edit the shipping method for a given zone, click on the Edit button and follow the steps for the Returns methods  



 2. To add a New Rule based on Returns Reasons or the Product Type

New routing rules based on the Returns reasons or the Product type can be set up inside any zone.

Go to Returns methods, click on New Rule and specify the rule name and rule condition based on either the returns reason or the product type 




Additional customized Returns Reasons can be added in the returns settings of the app while the product types added must match with those configured in your store.

Customers will be automatically promoted on the returns page with the applicable return method along with the unique shipping instructions and description based on the customer reason specified or the country of the customer.




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