Allow merchants to customise auto emails


Allow merchants to customise auto emails


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    We have added the feature of email customisation.

    You can now customise your returns emails at

  • YES!! My store only offers STORE CREDIT for returns. I need to be able to customize my auto emails to match my store policy. Right now it says refund, which will be confusing to my customers.

  • Yes. I need to be able to insert a unique URL (which allows the customer to print the Fulfillment by Amazon label and RMA barcode). Since the url is unique to the customer it can’t be part of the template. I need to be able to quickly edit the email to insert unique variables.

  • I need to be able to customize my RMA #

    I do drop shipping and have the customers mail products to the supplier directly.

    They will provide the RMA# once the return is approved.

    I don't want an automated RMA# to be sent 

  • Yes please!! My store only offers store credits or exchanges and the customer notifications (via email & displayed in the returns center itself) mentions refunds however we do not offer refunds so customers are complaining!! 

    Can anyone recommend a returns app in shopify that allows you to customise these notifications?? May need to make the switch to avoid disappointed customers!

  • Thanks for your valuable suggestions. We are listening and it is now on our roadmap.

  • Yes please! I was asked to submit this as a new request, but I am voting here because it is the same request! Our main need is to simply change the "we are processing your refund" to "we are processing your xxxxxxxx (eg. request/return/exchange).

  • I like the update you've made and the fact that I can edit my emails and create my own RMA#. -  Is there anyway to customize the return address instead of having a standard address that must be included with the return instructions?

    I work with different suppliers so depending on the item the return address will vary.

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