SSL & page Customization needed! for Store integreity and consistant look and feel


Most if not all stores are protectech by SSL, but aftership's varified return page does not have https nor http only and letter " I " infront of the rest the URL Across the entire site we work hard to achieve the safe secure professional look & feel up until now.

The return page at this point do not feel it belong with the rest of the store pages...great app and a must have..but come on aftership

Safety and SSL are basic stander in today's online platform..this really needs to be implemmented as soon as possible.

honestly SSL is a must in todays online world, this feature shouldn't need to be ask for..or request in my humble opinion.

and not being able to customize return page to match with the rest of store’s design style… like wearing a off beat outfit to a party. the off beat outfit = static return page, the rest of the party = the rest of the store's pages

not able to customize the looks and feel of the retuen page to match the a complete downer.

Come on aftership team, you guy made wonderful app, these 2 shortfall once patches up could just prefect it. 


  • Is this feature completed? I cant seem to be able to access my custom domain thru
    but only on

    which is very frustrating.

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  • Important feature^^^ Customers don't trust an insecure page asking for personal information.

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  • Hello,

    Can we please have this implemented? SSL is everywhere now and nobody will trust a page that says insecure. People who cannot afford the enterprise plan or have not grown large enough to afford it will eventually look for other options out there.

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