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Request : Add 1 field in the admin that would allow for custom CSS

My specific needs are to be able to change the header background color to match my website. We don't use a white header anywhere on our site, and our branding now looks off.   This issue is 2 fold as we use returns center AND after ship.  

I've also seen other feature requests asking to change the background color.   ( )

Instead of making separate fields for every specific component, it makes much more sense to add an additional field to allow for custom CSS and users can have much more control over the look and feel of their content.

This can also be rolled out as a "premium" feature 


See design concept below :


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  • There should also be a CSS field to add additional lines of text. My orders numbers have a prefix and there is no way to add a message to my customers telling them to add in the prefix.

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