Allow customers to reply to automated emails


I do not see an ability to change the reply email from "".

I would like all replies to be forwarded to the same email that I have set for outgoing emails.


  • Yes, please. I appreciate the ability to have a noreply email address, but it shouldn't be the only option. I'd much rather allow our customers to simply reply to the email they receive.

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  • I agree, this is an essential feature. The current experience of a customer sending an email to the noreply address is not good as it doesn't even allow the email to be sent to it. Allowing replies to the email sending the message would be much cleaner and a better experience for all involved.

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  • I just realized this and im about to uninstall the app. why didnt you just have us add our own email settings. The email comes from the email we had setup and now you are telling us we can reply? whats the point of this? how are customers supposed to respond back.

    this is just too painful, spent numerous hours to get this setup.

    what a shame!

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