Auto Label Generation using Shipstation


It would be great to have the option to use Shipstation to auto-generate label and skipping approval. 

The only option at the moment is using you Postmen but it is rather limited and do not support some major courrier such as Royal Mail for the UK.


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  • Yes! Using Postmen unnecessarily creates 2 workflow processes for me. I use Shipstation for my outbound labels, which pulls postage from, and for inbound, I'm using Returns + AfterShip + Postmen AND Postmen fulls postage from Endicia. So I'm paying double: for and Endicia. And here is the crazy part, they are sister companies. I have to enable autoload for postage accounts. And paying I'm paying for Postmen when I'm already paying for ShipStation that does the same thing. 

    I think most people, like myself, are using Aftership because of intelligent and user-friendly they are making returns. It would be interesting to see what would happen when ShipStation revamps their entire Branded Returns Portal. 

    For Aftership to stay competitive, they need to be fast with adding on new features and create as many integrations as possible to handle as many efficient workflows as possible. Now after typing this, Shipstation may not allow for auto label generation if they have plans to improve their returns system.

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